For Children

<em>Genies, Meanies, and Magic Rings: Three Tales from The Arabian Nights</em><br>Stephen Mitchell & Tom Pohri

Genies, Meanies, and Magic Rings (with Tom Pohri)

<em>Iron Hans</em><br>Stephen Mitchell<br>& Matt Tavares

Iron Hans: A Grimm’s Fairy Tale
(With Matt Tavares)

<em>Jesus: What He Really Said and Did</em>

Jesus: What He Really
Said and Did

<em>The Creation</em><br>Paintings by Ori Sherman

The Creation
(With Ori Sherman)

<em>The Nightengale</em> (With Bagram Ibailuttine)

The Nightengale
(With Bagram Ibatoulline)


<em>The Tinderbox</em> (With Bagram Ibatoulline)

The Tinderbox
(With Bagram Ibatoulline)

<em>The Ugly Duckling<em> (With Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher)

The Ugly Duckling (With Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher)

<em>The Wishing Bone, And Other Poems</em> (With Tom Pohrt)

The Wishing Bone, And Other Poems (With Tom Pohrt)